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Which Hitch To Use on my Camper or Boat Trailer?

which hitch

Which hitch to use for my Caravan or Boat trailer?

An age old question as long as we have been towing. Which Hitch? Lets dive into a few of the available hitches on the Australian market.

First of all, ask yourself a few questions.

What is your hitch being used for?

What are you towing?

What’s the weight rating?

Weight Rating

Lets start with a weight rating? For most uses, a 3.5t rated (which is pretty common) is going to do the job. But if you are towing something with a bit of weight, be sure to check all your options, and make sure you stay legal.

On Road or Off Road

Where is your hitch going? For the most parts of boat towing, or small trailer or on-road camper or caravan, and on-road hitch is what you will need. The ever more popular Off-Road or Semi Off-Road camper will require an Articulating Hitch. A hitch that is going to swivel in multiple directions as the van follows behind your 4WD as you travel across rough or uneven terrain.

On Road Tow Hitch 50mm Ball

Standard 50mm On-Road tow hitch. Mounted on trailers Under 2000kg. Usually seen on un-braked trailers under 750kg such as small box trailers or tinnies.

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2000kg Override Coupling

Standard 50mm Ball Hitch with Override Braking

Override brakes work off inertia. When you apply the brakes on your towing vehicle, the force of the boat or camper trailer push forward on the override coupling, pushing the mechanical brake leaver and applying pressure to the brake callipers attached to the wheels.

Off Road Articulating Tow Hitch 50mm Ball

Ark Brand Off-Road Hitch

The Ark Brand Off-Road Hitch is available in 2000kg and 3500kg rating.

Poly Block Pin Hitch

Standard Poly Block Hitch – also known as a Treg or Trigg Hitch

The Polyblock hitch has been around for a long time. Lots of different companies now produce them, including loads of chinese imports. Just make sure yours is approved for Australian Design Rules ADR and safe to use. Make sure its rated correctly for your trailer and its intended use.

DO35 Pin Hitch

The DO35 hitch is a pin style hitch very popular among 4WD’s in Australia. Its an extremely secure articulating hitch to allow free movement across uneven terrain.

Ezyglide Self-Attaching McHitch

The Mchitch is available in Manual or Automatic coupling. The auto Coupling allows you to simply back up into the hitch, insert the safety pin, and drive away. Couldn’t be simpler.

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