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Bay Busta Lures

BayBusta.com Lures are currently looking for local, social media influencers to sponsor. If you enjoy making video reviews, or have your own channel, and wish to showcase Baybusta.com, reach out to us with your promo ideas at info@ozcampboat.com.

Available Influences..

Tier 1. We will send you the latest Fishing Lures and gear to use in your videos, posts and reels. The more you review, the more we will send you.

Tier 2. Create quality content for us. Each new item release, you will be one of the first to test it out. Make a video, and upload to our secure server. We will upload to our own Youtube Channel. You will receive credit and links to your own socials.

Tier 3. Paid Influencer (Not Currently Available)

*** Stay tuned for upcoming deals! ***

Current Influencers

Have you just received your latest gift to review?

Thanks for being involved!

Please take our latest release and hit the water. We want to know all about its performance. Be sure to grab loads of videos and pictures. Start with..

  1. Video the item, (you can be in the video if you are happy to be on film) and state the words “Here is the latest release from BayBusta.com”
    • State the model name
    • Describe the item, and what you think about it
    • Describe how the item will work (or the way you think it is supposed to)
    • Be honest about the item, be it Positive, Negative or Neutral
  2. For video, Email us at info@ozcampboat.com and we will give you upload instructions.
  3. For Instagram, be sure to #baybustsalures and post a quality Image!

** Disclaimer ** – By participating in this program, you give full permission for us to use your supplied information and imagery for our own promotion. We will not forward your information to a 3rd party.