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Hybrid Camper Lock Compression Lock

Hybrid Camper Lock

With so many Hybrid Campers and Camper Trailers being imported from china, why is it so hard to find parts.

These hybrid camper lock or compression locks, found securing the rear door of so many hybrid campers out there on the Australian market today, are actually quite common. So why is it so hard to find a replacement?

Here we find a common Hybrid Camper Lock. A Black compression lock.

Hybris Camper Rear Compression Lock


– 100% Brand NEW Compression Latch Replacement (This is not a used replacement part)
– Made of zinc alloy, making it Strong, as well as resistant to rust

– Black painted in colour
– Direct replacement means it’s easy to install yourself – Only basic tools required
– Applications suit most RV’s, Camper Trailers, Motorhome’s etc.

When ordering Package Includes:

1 Piece Black Compression Lock
2 Keys to suit

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