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Hema Navigator 2 New Release HX-2

Hema Navigator 2 HX-2
The Hema Navigator really is the ULTIMATE ON and OFF-ROAD Mapping Companion.

The Eagerly awaited Hema Navigator 2 Version, the HX-2 has just been released!

Watch The Hema Navigator HX2 Launch Video

The Hema Navigator HX-2

The Hema Navigator really is the ULTIMATE ON and OFF-ROAD Mapping Companion. HEMA have been making this unit for some years now, and are constantly improving and updating the internal mapping, and technology.

Providing you with both On-Road turn by turn navigation, the HEMA Navigator HX-2 really comes into its own when you want to get off the beaten track. This is what HEMA are famous for, and this is why they are the best.

Not only will you get the best Topographic mapping available for Australia, Turn by Turn mapping, Over 40,000 Camp Sites, Caravan Parks, and other points of interest, the New HX-2 is also going to provide Bush Camping Sites, Hotels, Motels, Dump Points, Wineries, Lookouts, Boat Ramps, Fuel Stops and a whole heap of other useful information you will be after when you are out on the road.

The older HX-1 was good.. but this is going to be even better!

Lets Compare the 2 models.

Hema Navigator Model Comparison

Unit Dimensions187 x 115 x 17 mm189 x 109 x 9 mm
Display Size7″ (177mm) 7″ (177mm)
Battery Life5+ Hours (Settings Depend.)8+ Hours (Setting Depend.)
Camera5 MP8 MP
Processor 1.3GHZ2.0GHZ
O.S.Android 4.4Android 10.0
Warranty12 Month Limited12 Month Limited
Internal Memory / RAM16GB / 1GB16GB / 2GB
Expandable Memory32GB Micro SD 32GB Micro SD
Bluetooth3.0HS / 4.0LE5.0
GPS22 Channel22 Channel
Buy HX-1 Now (Cheaper)Buy HX-2 Now(Faster)

Hema HX-2 Release Date

The Hema Navigator HX-2 was released to the public in August 2021.

Hema Navigator HX-2 Accessories

The HX-2 also has available a Rugged Case ($99.00) and a Wi-Fi Reversing Camera ($199.00)

Hema Navigator HX-2 Features

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What is the Hema HX-2 Release Date In Australia

The Hema HX2 Release Date is August 2nd 2021.

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