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Earn Money Renting Out Property

Earn money from my property

Did you know you can earn money renting out my property? Do you have a ideal property you would like to share with others? And make some dollars as well?

Thousands of small property / Hobby Farm owners are cashing in on the current camping boom. With so many more people on the road this year, and so many more caravans, tents, camper trailers & swags sold, there is an ever increasing shortage of places to stay. Caravan parks are becoming more expensive and harder to secure bookings.

Now you can cash in on the boom, and make money from your own property.

With a website like Hipcamp, you can Sign Up For Free and list your property so you can earn extra dollars renting out to travellers. After you sign up as a user (You can allso get yourself $10 Credit when you Sign Up To Hipcamp Here)

After you sign up as a user, head on down to the Become A Host link at the bottom of the page and read through the terms.

What is Hipcamp?

Hipcamp is a group of like-minded property owners who want to share their piece of paradise with other campers around Australia. These owners welcome Tent Campers, Caravanners, RV Travelers & Hikers, and some can even offer cabins and glamping. Depending on your own tastes.

This provides land owners and farmers with a new way to earn some extra dollars, and provides our local camping and travelling community with unique places to stay offering out-of-ordinary experiences.

How Does Hipcamp Work?

Its FREE to join and list your property. You can take block-out bookings so your not flooded with visitors. Hipcamp will take a small commission and send you weekly payments.

What sort of properties are available?

Properties on Hipcamp range from lonely backyards, through to bush blocks and hobby farms, up to acreages and even larger fully functioning, and productive farms. Locations are something that’s dog friendly are among the most popular. Any sort of empty paddock with some shade, maybe even beside a creek or national park and even on major tourist traveling routes. Most campers are looking for basic and affordable camping and many are even self-contained campsites with their own toilet

Hipcamp is Insured and therefore covers you.

In the rare even of an injury, Hipcamp has you covered. They offer coverage of up to $10M public liability.

Head over to the Hipcamp Website and Sign Up For Free, of check out More Information.

I have stayed before and would like to write a review

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