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How To Tension Window Blinds in your Hybrid Caravan

caravan blind tensioning

How to tension the blinds in your caravan

Do you often arrive at your destination, only to find your blinds have dropped down?

This is not uncommon. There is a simple way to tighten, or tension your blinds and fly screens on your caravan windows.

This is for just one particular style of caravan window. There are many out there. But if yours has 8 screws holding the inner window frame, this is for you.

Remove The Window Frame

First, remove the inner window surround via 8 screws…

Remove the 8 screws holding on the inner window frame

Lift from the Locating Tabs

Once you have removed all 8 screws, Carefully Slide / Lift the window surround UP to lift off the 2 tabs that hang the surround over the window opening.

Lift Off the locating tabs

Once removed, you can see that Both blind and fly screen tension is held by 1 long piece of cord.

Showing you the tension cord

To tension, you only need to tighten this a little more.

Please be careful… when you loosen these screw, it will want to withdraw back into the frame… if you lose it… its very hard to get it back.

Caravan Window Tension Screws

Grab the crimped cord with a pair of plyers.. a good hold.

Loosen both screws (but DONT remove them…

Pull the cord to put more tension on the length…

Then tighten up the screws.

Do this on both sides. You wont need to do too much… just 1 or 2 cm’s should do it.

You can see, this whole length of cord is what gives the tension.

Job Done!

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